Days Gone On PS4 Pro Looks Better In Alternate Playthrough Demo, Different Weather And Time Of Day

So far we have seen two Days Gone gameplay demo and both looked absolutely stunning on PlayStation 4 Pro. The demo that was showcased at E3 2017 was even better than the debut gameplay demo showcased at E3 2016 because we got a closer look at the lead protagonist Deacon St. John, and some of the big gameplay mechanics.

Days Gone Screenshots

Today, we received a special Days Gone gameplay from Sony, the sequences showcased in this new footage is exactly the same as shown in E3 2017 footage, but the only difference is that it is an alternate playthrough of E3 2017 demo showing different weather, time of the day, and how these things are going to affect the gameplay.

There is no need to keep a keen watch sequence by sequence as the demo comes with a commentary from Creative Director and Voice Actor for Deacon detailing even the minute differences different weather and time of the day makes.

We can easily say that Sony BEND has done a great job on Days Gone so far. If you still can’t make up your mind seeing the gameplay demo then we have some great Days Gone screenshots from the E3 2017 presentation, take a look at them below.

e3-2017-demo-screenshot-1 e3-2017-demo-screenshot-2 e3-2017-demo-screenshot-3 e3-2017-demo-screenshot-4 e3-2017-demo-screenshot-5 e3-2017-demo-screenshot-6