Dead Rising 4 “1 Year” Timed Exclusive For PC/XB1, PS4 Version Also In Development At Capcom


It seems like Capcom Vancouver’s Dead Rising 4 is not going to be a fully timed-exclusive game for Xbox One and PC. This time around the deal is different from what Capcom and Microsoft had for Dead Rising 3. According to Ryan Brown, a video game Journalist, Dead Rising 4 is timed exclusive to PC and Xbox One, it will be available to PlayStation 4 after 1 YEAR i.e during Holiday Season 2017.

Dead Rising 4

Here is what Ryan wrote on Twitter: “Capcom rep says that Dead Rising 4 is a 1-year timed exclusive for MS.”

Capcom’s response to a fan on Twitter about whether or not Dead Rising 4 will come to PlayStation 4 in future has almost confirmed that there is PlayStation 4 port also in development. When asked: “is Dead Rising 4 exclusive to Xbox or will it come to PS4? Out with it already”

Capcom replied: “You’ll be able to play it first on Xbox One and Windows 10.”