Dead Rising 4 In The Works, Unreal Engine 4 Based, Launch On PS4 and Xbox One Possible: Rumor


2013’s Dead Rising 3 won’t be the last Dead Rising game ever released. Capcom is apparently working on a new zombie title in the series and, according to rumors, things will be pretty different this time around from the last time.

Dead Rising 4

First, we don’t know if Dead Rising 4 is going to be an Xbox exclusive. The latest rumor, as posted by an insider on NeoGaf, says it is uncertain at this point, although we don’t know if this is a reference to a possible PC version or an hint to a multi-platform release involving PS4 too.

“DR4 is in the works”, Gaffer ekin says. “Don’t know if exclusive or being announced this E3 tho. But developed by Capcom Vancouver”.


While developer is confirmed to be the same from the last three Dead Rising games, rumors point out that it’s ditching its own engine and working on Unreal Engine 4 in partnership with Epic Games.

That would allow the game to have a more comfortable multi-platform launch and less technical issues in comparison with those encountered at Dead Rising’s 3 launch.

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