Dead Rising 4: New Difficulty Modes And Outfits Coming On January 30, Release In Germany

Microsoft has released the details regarding Free DLC content coming to Dead Rising 4. Starting from January 30, two all-new difficulty modes will be available for play, names were kept under the wrap but Microsoft has a short advice for those who are looking forward to it: “Frank will need to be a lot more careful and aware of his surroundings when trying to survive on a higher difficulty. Enemies do more damage; Frank’s weapons break faster and food restores less health than before. Keep your eyes peeled, watch your back, and don’t forget to scrounge for every weapon – you are going to need them.”

Dead Rising 4 Free DLC Detailed

In addition to this, Microsoft announced Frank West Meets Street Fighter outfits which will be also available starting January 30. To access the new outfits, all you need to do is visit your wardrobe and you will find these five outfits for your ultimate zombie fighting experience.

Also, for the very first time, Xbox fans in Germany will be able to purchase and play Dead Rising 4 from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Windows 10 starting January 31. This will be the first time a Dead Rising game has been availability in the market.

What else you want guys to return to Dead Rising 4?