Dead Space 2 – Weapons improved for move fun

In a recent Q & A Session 2, Dead Space producer Steve Papoutsis this time has commented on the weapons in the game. In contrast to its predecessor, weapons are expected to provide much more fun.

Dead Space 2 screenshot

Visceral was looking at the weapons from part 1 and now they have optimized them to achieve more fun. This includes the flame-throwers and the Pulse Rifle for the players to use them more often. Besides well-known weapons, it is also new in the game that you can get rid of her the Necromorphs.

Papoutsis also expressed on the “Hard Core” Difficulty, probably represents the most demanding challenge. Here there is no checkpoint nor the “New Game +” feature, so you have to start each time. In addition, the savegames are here limited to three.

You can see the full Q & A session here in the video, and find out answers to more interesting questions: