Death Stranding Dev Kojima Need To Work Without “Many Restraints” As It Happened With Konami: Sony

Despite the game releasing for both PC and PlayStation 4, Sony is working as both publisher and investor when it comes to Death Stranding, the upcoming Kojima Productions title which has finally been showcased at E3 2016 with a brief and mysterious teaser trailer.

Death Stranding

The first trailer was a true showcase of what Hideo Kojima’s creative mind can come up with when it works without what Sony calls “restraints”. Many won’t get the point with what the trailer actually displayed, but it was somehow astonishing for both the quality of direction and the care of details such as music and story themes.

PlayStation Europe’s boss Jim Ryan had a talk about that with VG247, detailing the way he and Sony’s investors have spent a lot in terms of time and resources to allow Kojima to have that degree of creative freedom, and somehow both criticizing Konami for its divorce from him and understanding the reasons which have led to it.

“If you try to place too many constraints on a free spirit like that it’s probably not a wise thing to do. But equally, clearly, with something like that there’s a significant investment on the part of Sony, and all of us who make those sort of decisions around that sort of investment are ultimately accountable to Sony shareholders.

“It’s a balance between allowing the creativity to flourish and recognising that we’re part of a business.”

We really think this is true. Jim Ryan says it right and we’re not surprised as he is a very frank man and always speaks his mind without any particular… well, we’d say restraint to stay in topic.

We’ll need to wait and see what happens next with the game in our hands, of course, but from the looks of it, it really seems Metal Gear series was starting to be too little for Kojima’s ambitions. He always said he wanted to do different things in video games and, if this is the quality of the outcome, we truly believe he should be given a chance to express it.

On the other hand, we’re pretty confident as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was a different game from linear, story-driven experience he offered in the past, and finally showed the world he can do proper games, not just cinematics and cut-scenes.