Death Stranding Is An Enormously Labyrinthine Game, Story Is Completely Out Of This World

One thing that made The Game Awards 2017 talk in the town was Death Stranding Trailer #3. A lot of Hideo Kojima fans expected that this new trailer is going to answers many and questions mysterious surrounding the game’s storyline and gameplay, but nothing of that sort happened, in fact, the latest trailer raised many new questions instead of answering the previous ones. This is the reason why we call Hideo Kojima: Genius, Einstein of Gaming World.

Death Stranding - The Game Awards 2017 Trailer

The secrecy surrounding Death Stranding is pretty massive so much so that even the lead actors working on it are unable to figure out what exactly is going on. Mads Mikkelsen in a recent interview with our friend at IGN Japan,

IGN Japan recently had a chat with Mads Mikkelsen at Tokyo Comic-Con and they asked him to share some details on the Death Stranding storyline and gameplay, and to our surprise, this is what he replied: “Death Stranding is a HUGE MAZE”, can’t explain how it works.

“It’s an enormously labyrinthine game, and I would not be sufficiently educated in it to tell you how it’s working yet,” said Mikkelsen. “All I can say is that I’ve seen some stuff and I’ve never seen anything like it; the story is completely out of this world.”

These words of Mads Mikkelsen are TRUE in each and every sense – so far we have seen not 1, not 2, but 3 trailers of Death Stranding and fans are still unable to figure out what exactly the game is about. Earlier today we covered the story on the third Death Stranding trailer and in it we reveal the name of the Norman Reedus’ character.