New Death Stranding Trailer Make Sense Only After You’ve Played The Game For 4-5 Hours

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Hideo Kojima made a short but sweet appearance at PlayStation Experience 2017 and revealed a lot of interesting details about Death Stranding. Kojima touched a wide range of topics related to the Death Stranding – how his partnership with PlayStation was done, what exactly is Death Stranding is all about, and some new information on the Trailer #3.

Death Stranding Trailer #3 Analysis

Just before the entrance of Hideo Kojima, Mark Cerny re-played Death Stranding Trailer #3 (the same trailer that we saw last night at The Game Awards 2017) and once that ended Cerny in presence of Hideo Kojima stated something interesting. These were the exact words of Cerny (he has played the game already – read his Cerny’s Death Stranding Impression) – “All that hullabaloo in the Death Stranding trailer makes sense after you’ve played it for 4-5 hours”

A very clear indication from Cerny that a playable build of Death Stranding is indeed available at Kojima Productions.

Later on, Cerny asked Hideo Kojima whether this new trailer was also running in-real time on PlayStation 4 Pro? to which he replied: “YES”, and added that the Norman Reedus in the water segment is “Playable”.

The conversation then went ahead on how Hideo Kojima and Andrew House came together for Death Stranding. On this interesting topic, Hideo Kojima said that he had many offers after parting ways with Konami, but he waited for something that will allow him to retain his creative freedom and partner with someone who understood him – and then Andrew House came into the picture.

Kojima said: “I had many offers after going independent from Konami; instead of holding executive meetings, budget talks etc about Death Stranding, I told Andrew House about the game for a few minutes and he said ‘Yeah, okay!”

So there you have it, folks – to understand what exactly is happening in Death Stranding Trailer #3, you need to play the first 4-5 hours of the game. In current scenario that’s impossible, here’s what is the other thing that you can do (and this comes straight from Hideo Kojima)

“So how did you like the new DEATH STRANDING trailer? If you rewatch the last 2 trailers, you may be able to find some clue.”

Let the guessing game begins. Mads Mikkelsen in a recent interview to IGN Japan (translated) stated that Death Stranding is An Enormously Labyrinthine Game (HUGE MAZE), and even though he is working on the game it is difficult for him to explain how the game works, story is out of this world.