Death Stranding’s latest trailer delves into a deliciously dark fever dream


Kojima Productions’ upcoming Death Stranding is always an enigma, no matter how you slice it. The newest trailer, which debuted during The Game Awards 2017, is no different. But that’s how any game from Hideo Kojima is best viewed: as a puzzle waiting to be solved. 

There’s a lot to unpack in the eight-minute cinematic, as we get to know Norman Reedus’s character once more, seemingly a part of the “Bridges” team (we’re still not quite sure of his name or status) who find themselves stranded in a bizarre land as they attempt to stay alive and keep away from enormous, titan-like beings. They appear to be the same ones we’ve seen in the older trailers, such as the debut E3 footage, and they’re a lot deadlier this time around. 

We see a man floating in the air who frantically stabs himself to death so he can’t be lured up into the grasp of an obviously malevolent being and invisible creatures that leave sooty footprints everywhere they go. In one of the weirdest turns the trailer takes, we see the artificial womb and the infant inside that was previously showcased in the latest game trailer to introduce actor Mads Mikkelsen. We see it at once in the care of another male character, and then we see it literally in the body of Norman Reedus’ character. It’s difficult to explain, so you should probably just watch the trailer instead. 

The unnerving, eerie atmosphere from the trailer is unlike anything we’ve seen from the game so far, and while we still aren’t any closer to a release date, it’s clear Kojima and his team are serving some seriously tasty Lovecraftian-meets-Lynchian slices of entertainment, and we’re here for it. Fans are hoping to get a release date in the coming months.