Deep Silver announcing two new AAA games at E3 2014, Saint Row V for PS4/Xbox One?


Deep Silver has provided details regarding what coming from them at E3 2014. According to details provided by Forbes Writer Jason Evangelho, Deep Silver will announce two new AAA games at E3 2014 next month.

Deep SilverOn Twitter, Jason Evangelho said: “Deep Silver will have two “unannounced AAA games” to show us at #E3. EXCITE! Any guesses on the titles?” This info looks legit as it re-tweeted by Deep Silver US brand head Aubrey Norris.

Deep Silver is a well known name in gaming industry, they are the developer behind popular survival horror franchise, “Dead Island” and recently acquired Volition and the Saint’s Row franchise.

Does this mean one of the AAA games from Deep Silver is going to be next installment in Saint’s Row franchise? What you guys think: what these two AAA titles from Deep Silver could be? i am placing my bet on one of them: its going to be the next installment in Saints Row franchise.

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