Demon’s Souls Japanese servers are finally shutting down this February


Demon’s Souls players in Japan will finally have to move on this February, as the Japanese servers will be taken offline once and for all at 17:00 JST. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia broke the bad news, explaining that following that date and time, features such as online multiplayer, writing and reading hints, wandering phantoms, browsing rankings and more will be taken offline and no longer accessible. 

The Demon’s Souls servers have been online and in service since Feb. 5, 2009 when the game launched on PlayStation 3, so there’s been quite a bit of time for players to hop online and get their Souls on. With Dark Souls and Bloodborne having carried the torch for players looking to move on, it appears it’s just time to say goodbye to the game’s online features for now, as bittersweet as it always is when these things happen. 

Fortunately, there’s been no word from Atlus in the west about shutting down the Demon’s Souls online service here, so if you still have yet to enjoy the game here, you’ve got plenty of time. The only announcement at this time seems to have came for Japanese players only, so it looks like you’re safe for now to start your first playthrough.

One day, the time will come that you’ll have to move on to Dark Souls at the very least, though. Make sure you’re mentally and emotionally prepared.