Bungie Explains Why Destiny 2 Crashes On AMD Phenom II


Bungie has done a great job of optimizing Destiny 2 for PC – if you PC set meets the minimum and recommended PC specs requirement for Destiny 2 then you will hardly experience any performance issue, but if it doesn’t meet the requirements then you will surely go to face issues like Crash, Freeze and others, and it would be foolishness to put up a blame on Bungie for it. There are lot of complaints on official Bungie forums from AMD Phenom II CPU users that Destiny 2 suffers from a major crash issue when they try to run the game, happens right at the start of the game, when the character is selected and login process is complete a black loading screen appears, after a gap of one or two seconds the game freezes and a popup appears with a message that the game has stopped working.

Destiny 2 AMD Phenom II CPU Crash Issue

Thankfully, Bungie has issued a notification explaining what exactly is wrong in running Destiny 2 on AMD Phenom II CPU. The developer states that Destiny 2 is not supported on CPU or processors that lack the SSE3 instruction set support (Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3). In simple terms, Destiny 2 will run on CPU that has SSSE3 instruction set support, and AMD Phenom II does not support it.

Bungie said: “Destiny 2 will not run on processors without Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3)”. However the studio later added that they will still try to fix this Crash issue on AMD Phenom II CPU, but nothing can’t be guaranteed. In short, the wordings from Bungie implies that if you are trying to run Destiny 2 on AMD Phenom II CPU – it’s just a waste of time and energy – either upgrade your CPU or wait for Bungie – if they get successful in fixing the issue – GOOD, otherwise go and just upgrade your CPU.

“We’ve seen a number of reports of crashes on CPUs that fall below our stated minimum specs (E.G. AMD Phenom II series). We are investigating the issue and will attempt to fix the crash, but these CPUs are below minimum spec and are not officially supported.”

Source: Bungie