Destiny 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Gear, and Everything to Know


Destiny 2 can feel a bit overwhelming to new players who aren’t used to the game’s systems or mechanics for leveling up or playing through it.

What currency is important? How do I use shaders? What’s the difference between level and Power?

We’re here to help. Starting your journey in Destiny 2 is more straightforward than it might seem at first, but we’ve got some tips to keep in mind when beginning your Guardian’s story.

Getting started

Play through the story. It doesn’t get more simple than that. The Red Legion campaign will take you to numerous destinations highlighted by beautiful cutscenes and voice acting. Once you’re finished, the journey to filling out your loadout with great weapons and leveling up to be Raid-ready truly begins.

But every long journey begins with baby steps. Play through the game and you will be rewarded after certain missions with new gear like Exotic weapons and armor that is higher Power.

Don’t feel pressured to equipping higher Power gear right away. The game has a hidden value of what your true Power level is, even if you don’t have the highest gear equipped. At certain points, however, you’ll need to equip your highest gear to proceed, so pay attention to Power requirements throughout the campaign.

General tips

When enemies have a shield, use your Energy weapons (second slot) to deplete them. If the element of your Energy weapon matches the enemy’s shield (Arc – blue, Void – purple, Solar – red), their shield will explode and stun them for a short period of time.

Leveling up your Power will take some patience, but it will come in due time. Just finish the campaign and hit level 20. After that, the grind to reach max Power begins. Check out our guide for leveling up for more info.

Each week, Destiny 2’s activities reset early on Tuesday morning. Tuesday is the day you’ll want to make sure to come back to repeat your weekly Milestones and activities to keep earning rewards.

Be prepared to run a lot. For some reason, Destiny 2 doesn’t give you a Sparrow until way later on in the story. Here’s how to get a personal vehicle so you can move around faster.

You should look into joining a Clan, either by meeting people in-game or searching for one on Players will receive special perks for being in a Clan, like special Engrams that are rewarded each week when someone in the Clan does an activity like a Nightfall Strike, the Raid, or Crucible matches.

Save up your Glimmer for the endgame. It’s probably not worth buying a piece of armor that will increase your Power by two or three points for a few thousand Glimmer. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling in the blue currency by journey’s end, and you’ll want to save it.

Public Events

When traveling around any of Destiny 2’s open world destinations, you will see blinking beacons indicating that a Public Event is starting soon. These group activities are hugely important in the game, no matter if you’re near the beginning or end of your fight, as they reward you greatly.

Each Public Event completed will reward you with at least one token that can be turned into each destination’s vendor to level up and earn gear. You also have the chance to earn Exotic and Legendary engrams, as well as Rare gear that will help you level up if you’re on the climb towards max Power.

Public Events also have hidden objectives that trigger Heroic versions of each encounter. Doing so will amp up the difficulty of every event, but it will also earn you better rewards. Check out our guide on how to trigger each Heroic Public Event.

Weapons to watch out for

Destiny 2 is filled with a ton of weapons, but which ones should you go for? Keep these names in mind when you’re on the hunt for the best alien-killing tools the game has to offer.

Luckily, each archetype has some solid choices for you to look forward to.

Scout Rifles

Nameless Midnight (Vanguard Engrams, story reward from Zavala)

MIDA Multi-Tool (Exotic Quest – Check out the guide)

Pleiades Corrector (Future War Cult Engrams, Cayde-6 loot chests)

Auto Rifles

Origin Story (Vanguard Engrams, story reward from Zavala)

Uriel’s Gift (Legendary Engrams, random reward from Gunsmith)

Prosecutor (Trials of the Nine reward)

The Number (Future War Cult Engrams, Cayde-6 loot chests)

Sweet Business (Exotic Engrams)


Better Devils (Crucible Engrams)

Sunshot (Exotic Engram, story choice reward)

Submachine Guns

Antiope-D (Legendary Engrams, random Gunsmith reward)

Riskrunner (Exotic Engrams, story choice reward)

MIDA Mini-Tool (MIDA Exotic quest)

Power Weapons

Merciless (Fusion Rifle – Exotic Engrams)

Main Ingredient (Fusion Rifle – Vanguard Engrams)

Wardcliff Coil (Rocket Launcher – Exotic Engrams)

It Stared Back (Sword – Leviathan Raid reward)


Nightshade (Pulse Rifle – Vanguard Engrams, story reward from Zavala)

Last Hope (Sidearm – Legendary Engrams or Gunsmith reward)