Luke Smith: Destiny 2 Beta Is Extremely Small Slice, Keeping Whole Lot Of The Game Secret

Destiny Alpha Screen Day Time

There is no doubt that Destiny 2 beta is a huge success and Bungie are very happy with the end result. To test few additional services, Bungie yesterday extended the ongoing open beta till July 25. In a recent interview, Destiny 2 Director Luke Smith offered his thoughts on the beta, and also clarified that the content offered in it was limited, and it was a deliberate move by the development team as they wanted to keep a whole lot of the game secret.

Destiny 2 Beta Developer Comment

“The beta is an extremely small slice, intentionally so. We’re keeping a whole lot of the game secret,” said Luke Smith. In addition to this, Smith also talked about that really difficult Turbine puzzle. Listen to the full interview of Luke Smith here.

If you are one of those few players who still haven’t played Destiny 2 beta then this is your last chance. It is available for free until July 25, ends at 6 PM PDT. So hurry up. You get to try your hands on an open mission, Homecoming, new Inverted Spire Strike, new subclass Dawnblade, Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, Sentinel Titan, and new Social Space.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on September 6. The open beta for PC will take place at some point in August 2017.