Some Destiny 2 content now requires the Curse of Osiris expansion to play


Destiny 2 developer Bungie is once again in the community’s crosshairs as players have discovered that regular end-game content now requires the Curse of Osiris expansion to play.

Curse of Osiris raises the maximum Power level from 300 to 330, meaning that end-game activities have also had their Power levels raised. The Prestige versions of the Leviathan Raid and weekly Nightfall Strikes both recommend a Power of 330.

The issue? Any gear above 300 (305 with Mods equipped) requires the player to be level 21 to equip. Curse of Osiris also raises the level cap from 20 to 25, so those who do not own the DLC cannot physically be high enough Power to participate in the activities.

Not only that, but Curse of Osiris introduces two new Strikes, and they have been added to the Nightfall rotation. When those Strikes are that week’s Nightfall, those without the DLC cannot play it.

Curse of Osiris also added a Heroic Strike playlist, a feature from Destiny 1, which lets players play through Strike activities on a higher difficulty level and with a chance to earn better gear. It’s completely inaccessible to those who did not purchase the DLC.

What makes the entire situation worse, though, is that players who have not purchased the DLC can still acquire new items through the Eververse store, which is where Destiny 2’s microtransactions take place.

So basically, players will need to purchase the DLC if they want to keep participating in certain end-game activities, but they don’t need to if they spend their money elsewhere in the Eververse store, which has a number of Exotic Ghost shells, Ships, and Sparrows in the expansion.

Bungie has yet to comment on these recent developments.