Destiny 2 PC Dev Calls No Reason Ban Controversy An “Internet BS”

Destiny 2

Day One of Destiny 2 started on a very sad note for PC players as most of them have been banned from the game instantly i.e. the moment they started playing Destiny 2 they received a BAN from Bungie. According to details shared by PC players, these instant BAN from Bungie is the result of the use of overlay and hardware monitoring programs, but an update from Bungie clarifies that the use of third-party software and program will not result in a BAN, it will just cause the game to not run. When a counter question was asked regarding the reason for this large number of the BAN – Bungie stated that it is against their policy to discuss or overturn account restrictions or bans.”

Destiny 2 PC Dev Comments On No Reason Ban

This explanation did not go down to well with PC gaming community and they continue to accused Bungie of banning them for using third-party monitoring and overlay software and programs, and this made Destiny 2 PC Lead Developer Shawctober furious. Via Twitter, Shawctober acknowledged that Bungie does blocks programs and software that push their code into the game, however, they never BAN players for that. You can read the full statement of Shawctober below.

“We do block programs from pushing their code into our game. Most overlays work like that. We don’t ban for that tho. That’s internet BS.”

A clear indication from Bungie once again that the accusation of “Destiny 2 NO REASON BAN” is nothing more than an “Internet BS”. If you are among one of those few unlucky players that have a received a ban on Destiny 2 for no reason then the best option for you is to REQUEST A REFUND For Destiny 2 PC via BattleNet.