Bungie has removed a Destiny 2 emote that was helping players glitch through walls


Bungie has removed an emote from Destiny 2’s Eververse store due to its ability to help players phase through walls.

This video by YouTuber “sleepymike7” showcases the glitch in action, as the player is able to phase through the wall by moving up close to it and performing the “Bureaucratic Walk” emote, allowing them to access places they should not be able to reach.

Bungie has yet to acknowledge the removal of the emote from the store, but a blank space occupies where it used to be in the Eververse store’s weekly inventory.

The emote is acquired through Bright Engrams, which are available through microtransactions or level progression once the player hits the maximum level of 20. This past week, though, it was one of the items directly for sale at the Eververse store, able to be purchased with the in-game currency of Bright Dust.

A glitch previously postponed the launch of the Prestige mode of the Leviathan Raid, but that is set to kick off this Wednesday at 12pm CT, even though a fix has yet to be implemented.