Destiny 2 on PC will get another hotfix tomorrow to fix new framerate problems


Destiny 2’s PC version will get a hotfix tomorrow (Nov. 6) to patch an issue that appeared after last week’s hotfix.

Last week’s update was a fix for a memory leak issue that would cause drops in performance after extended periods of playtime. But another issue came with this fix.

Since the hotfix, PC players have been experiencing a different kind of issuea framerate “hitch” that would plague the game and have the framerate skip at inconsistent times.

The issue made certain in-game situations difficult to manage, as the hitch would not only mess with the game’s framerate, but quickly and slightly interrupt whatever action the player was doing at the time. The hitch seemed to happen more often when Warlock Rifts were in play, especially in the Crucible.

The issue should hopefully be fixed tomorrow, as it created some questionable encounters in the PC version’s first weekend of Trials of the Nine. Let’s also hope that no other issues come with the hotfix this time.