Destiny 2’s PC memory leak issue will be patched with a hotfix this Thursday


Destiny 2’s servers will go down for maintenance this Thursday, Nov. 2, to prepare for an impending hotfix that will add and change a few things.

Bungie previously said it was aware of an issue causing performance drops in the PC version of the game after extended playtime periods, and it now seems like it is related to clan rosters in-game. The PC version will get Hotfix on Thursday during a maintenance period to fix the issue.

As part of that update, some changes will be made to how Crucible scoring works in a number of game modes. The score limit for Clash is being reduced from 75 to 50 and Control’s score limit is being reduced to 90 from 100.

For Survival, the round time limit is being reduced to two minutes from three, and life count is being reduced to six from eight. In Supremacy, the score-to-win is 70 instead of 50, but you are now awarded one point for defeating an enemy Guardian instead of having to pick up a crest to earn any points at all.

The server maintenance on Thursday is scheduled to begin at 10am CT and end around 2pm CT, with the update being available to download some time before the servers are back up.