Destiny 2 Beta – How To Activate Infinite Ammo In Inverted Spire Strike

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Destiny 2 beta has just started, only a few hours time has passed and a user on Reddit managed to discover an Infinite Ammo Cheat in Inverted Spire Strike. To activate this Infinite Ammo glitch in Destiny 2 beta you need to perform a particular trick – how to do it? Dalgdawgydawg explains it clearly on Reddit.

Destiny 2 Beta - How To Activate Infinite Ammo Cheat

Infinite Ammo Cheat (Beta):

“On the inverted spire strike standing in the vex milk with a healing rift active won’t damage you enough to kill you, but it will trigger risk runners perk over and over again, causing infinite ammo for as long as the rift is active. pair this with two other warlocks and this could be a strat for the boss.”

This trick is surely going to go viral and so there is a possibility that Bungie will also come to know about it very soon (we might be late, Bungie might have already got the details on the trick). What action can Bungie take? They will try to rebalance the damage or the healing effect in the final retail build of Destiny 2 which is scheduled to launch on September 6.

Destiny 2 beta is currently available for PlayStation 4 players only (who pre-ordered the game). It will go live for Xbox One players later today at 10 AM PST. The open beta (beta for everyone) will go live on July 21.

Source: Reddit