Destiny 2’s first Iron Banner ends today, and 300 Power engrams are up for grabs


Destiny 2’s first ever Iron Banner is set to end today, but not before Lord Saladin leaves players with one last powerful parting gift.

All day today, Saladin is handing out 300 Power engrams. That means each time you rank up and earn a package in Iron Banner via 20 tokens, you will earn a 300 Power weapon or armor piece.

The uncharacteristic generosity from Saladin comes two days before the launch of the Prestige mode of the Leviathan Raid, which will start off at 300 Power difficulty, so players who are near the threshold should take advantage today.

Iron Banner tokens are earned through playing and completing Iron Banner matches. You earn two tokens for a loss and five tokens for a win, so today is your best chance at grinding out Iron Banner to get the highest-possible Power level gear before the event leaves.

In the past in Destiny 1, Iron Banner returned every four-to-six weeks, so that same schedule should be expected in the sequel, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Iron Banner will end with the weekly reset, which happens early morning on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 4am CT.