This glitch in Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid makes the final encounter very easy


A newly-discovered glitch exploit in Destiny 2 will make the Leviathan Raid final boss encounter a breeze.

A Reddit post by a user named “o7yourdesires” highlights the exploit which takes place during the final boss fight with Emperor Calus, along with an accompanying YouTube video by “theMoDfather gaming” that fully explains how to do it.

Basically, five members of the fireteam die and the last remaining member suicides on one of the flaming platforms in the throne room. When the “wipe” countdown timer appears, the last person that died will leave the game or switch characters as the countdown hits one second.

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If the timing is correct, the players will respawn in the throne room and all of the doors that adds spawn out of will be open except no adds will spawn at all. This obviously makes it very easy to handle, as five members of the team can stay in the shadow realm to shoot skulls to create the Force of Will damage modifier, while the last person returns to the throne room to punch Psions in peace.

Destiny has a colorful history of “cheesing” Raid encounters, including the initial game’s first two final Raid boss fights. In Vault of Glass, players discovered an exploit to push Atheon off of a ledge by using Nova Bombs and grenades. In Crota’s End, players figured out that you could basically stun-lock Crota by having the host of the game disconnect.

This exploit will probably not go unnoticed by Bungie, and should hopefully be patched by the time the Prestige mode of Leviathan launches some time this month.