Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Challenge Guide: How to Complete Each Challenge Mode


Each week in Destiny 2, a different encounter of the Leviathan Raid has a special challenge. Completing these challenges will reward you with a special emblem, a guaranteed Raid drop, and extra tokens.

Let’s take a look at each encounter’s challenge and how to complete them.

Royal Baths

Arguably the most difficult challenge to complete, this encounter requires you to have one person standing inside of the middle pool at all times. Seriously: at all times. If a person even jumps out of the water for a split second, you will fail the challenge.

This all comes down to assigning one team member to the middle and having proper rotations elsewhere. It gets difficult if you are unable to one-phase the purple lanterns, at which point the orbs that keep you alive in the tainted pool will de-spawn.

At this point, it becomes something of a game of hot potato as players must rotate in and out of the pools, all while taking damage pretty quickly, until the orb respawns again and you can repeat the process of doing the encounter normally.

The Gauntlet

Players inside the main room cannot stand on a platform more than once. It sounds simple, but it can be a bit more complicated, because players can never repeat a role more than once in the encounter.

Separate into two teams of three. Each team will have a runner who grabs the orbs inside the treadmill, a person jumping on top of each platform, and a person running below and killing Councilors as they spawn.

For the platform and Councilor-killer, simply follow your runner around the room and stay with them. As they get to locked doors, shoot the correct arrows. This obviously means the platform person must be on the platform otherwise the arrows won’t light up at all. The Councilor-killer simply follows behind and kills them as they spawn in.

Repeat the process three times with each person on the team of three doing each job once. If you do it correctly, you will be rewarded with a second chest.

Pleasure Gardens

This one is pretty simple. In this challenge, the players who hold the prism crystals cannot shoot more than one flower per damage phase.

This simply means that you have to damage the war beasts after a x24 damage buff and repeat it until they are dead, or have prism holders trade places with people on the ground to get a higher damage buff.

Emperor Calus

You will need to activate all four damage plates at once during each damage phase. Instead of the usual clockwise rotation to maximize damage, you will most likely need to repeat the damage phase multiple times.

Have two teams of two stand on each of the back platforms, with a solo player on the two front platforms. Count down when to jump on all four at the same time, and then begin to damage him.

Depending on how high your Force of Will buff is, you can potentially two-phase this encounter, but it may take some teams three phases to complete.