Team Euro Finished Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid In Less Than 24 Minutes

Destiny 2

Last month Destiny 2 brought its new adventure The Leviathan Raid, where players can in a team complete the challenges to gather exotic loots. This was considered as an hours of gameplay and we had seen that ample of players took a long time in finishing it up. The raid features some of the toughest bosses and battle area that can consume approx 6 to 8 hours by any player to complete it. What if we tell you that a group of Six players went on a marathon to finish the adventure in less than 24 Minutes?

Team Euro Destiny 2

Shocking isn’t it? It is really sounds impossible to finish this challenge in less than 24 minutes, but yes a group of players has done this and we are share 6 videos below with every player’s perspective. This team of 6 players consists of 6 Warlocks, 2 Titans, and a single hunter. Also, we had listed the armors and weapons they had used in the match. This looks something new, other players can also take the challenge to finish up Leviathan Raid in minimum time on the basis of video.

List of Weapons and Armors Used by the team to finish Leviathan Raid Fast:

Kinetic Weapons:

  • Better Devils
  • Nameless Midnight
  • Mida Multi-Tool

Energy Weapons:

  • Manannan SR4
  • Coldheart

Power Weapons:

  • Curtain Call
  • Merciless
  • The Wardcliff Coil

Exotic Armor:

  • Transversive Steps, Warlocks Armor
  • Celetial Nighthawk, Hunters Armor
  • Dunemarchers, Titans Armor

You can go through all the video below, one by one, to know how it was possible to end Leviathan Raid in such a low time. You will notice one thing, the players were quiet less engaged into fights with enemies, and they were really quick in finishing up the task to reach the next grounds. You can also read our Walkthrough on The Leviathan Raid.

Videos by All 6 Players of Team Euros:

Player 1 GShark:

Player 2 Mighty Edwin:

Player 3 Scrub:

Player 4 Chris Kaizer:

Player 5 Its Wami:

Player 6 Its Hova: