Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid is now available on PC


Destiny 2’s first Raid, Leviathan, is now available to play on the PC version of the game.

Raids in Destiny are six-player endgame activities that require constant communication to take down unique mechanics to solve puzzles and win encounters.

Players will either need a full fireteam to complete the Raid, or they can use Guided Games to match up with a clan. Either way, all six players will need to work together to solve the difficult puzzles within the Leviathan ship.

The Raid is set on a massive planet-eating vessel called the Leviathan, home to the head of the Cabal Emperor, Calus. If you’re able to defeat the Raid, you will be rewarded with unique armor and weapons, as well as tokens that can be used to earn more gear.

You can check out our Leviathan Raid guide for a complete rundown on how to beat each encounter, but Destiny’s Raids are best experienced on a first playthrough, and most of the fun is figuring things out for yourselves.

The Leviathan also features a maze in its underbelly where treasure can be found, including Exotic engrams and more tokens. Check out a map of the underbelly so you don’t get lost.

If you’re up to the task and ready to “grow fat from strength” with Calus, the Leviathan is waiting. You’ll want to be above 270 Power to participate. Next week, the more difficult Prestige mode of the Raid will unlock at 300 Power.