Destiny 2’s director: a “shocking number of players” hit the game’s level cap


Destiny 2 director Luke Smith has revealed some information regarding the game’s playerbase in an interview with EDGE Magazine.

In the interview, reported by WCCF Tech, Smith was asked about how the team at Bungie had been dealing with the response the game has received since it launched on consoles just over a month ago.

“There have been some pleasant surprises, but there are some that ask you to be introspective about them, too,” Smith said. “An extremely high percentage of players have both finished the campaign and reached the level cap. Like, a shocking number of players. I think that’s a really interesting data point, and the team should be really proud of that. It means that, when people enter the world, they’re sticking around.”

Just last week, Bungie responded to a number of player complaints about Destiny 2’s endgame, or lack thereof, in an official capacity for the first time. But it appears that Smith and Bungie are holding fast on some of their decisions, like taking out the randomly rolled weapon perks that were in Destiny 1.

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“I’m still a pretty big supporter of the change,” Smith sid. “I believe that, ultimately, the Destiny franchise is heading towards becoming a collection game. I understand that we have shortcomings there right now that we need to address. With respect to making duplicates matter, this is still one of the things we have ideas for.”

Destiny 2 is set to release on the PC on Oct. 24, and the game’s first DLC is slated for December. But right now, a lot of players are still questioning some of Bungie’s decision-making, and hoping for a more meaningful endgame soon.

“I think one of the things we’ve got to make sure we’re doing right is, if you play it for 80-90 hours, are you happy with where you got your character to?” said Smith. “And where’s new stuff for you to do, are you interested in coming back?”

Where there are issues, though, Smith and Bungie are promising that changes are being prioritized and will be made eventually.

“You project, when something comes out, what you think the problems are going to be,” Smith said. “Sometimes you’re right, and you’re like, cool, we can just do the work we planned to do. Sometimes you’re not right, or you have something else come up that becomes a higher priority. So for us, what we’re doing right now is looking at the potential work we could do, and we’ll prioritize it.”