Destiny 2 Mayhem Bug to be Addressed in 2018

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 had a really hyped launch even this year. The fans were sceptical, as Destiny 1 wasn’t that great. And when the game was released there were mixed reactions in the gaming community. Bungie had to deal with a lot of trouble for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Mayhem Bug - Fix Incoming In 2018

And it does not seem to stop for Bungie as a new bug has surfaced in the game. The bug is in the new Mayhem Crucible mode which was released in The Dawning event. The bug affects the Warlocks, i.e. instead of reducing the cooldowns on all abilities, which is the idea behind Mayhem, it grants unlimited Supers to them.

Bungie is well aware of the bug and has stated that there will be no fix for the bug until the end of The Dawning i.e. 9th January 2018. They have also mentioned that if you take advantage of the bug, then you won’t be penalised in any manner as the fault is on their own.

Because of this bug, the Voidwalker Warlocks are at a huge advantage. Moreover, the Nova Bomb is very effective at shutting down all the supers can be a problem as well. However, the plus side is you can earn a good amount of rewards for yourself by exploiting this bug.