How to Use Mods in Destiny 2


Mods are a new concept in Destiny 2, and they are extremely important in getting the most out of your experience in the game.

In Destiny 2, mods are add-ons to weapons and armor that imbue them with extra abilities and perks. Some of these perks include faster reload speed of kinetic weapons, more Resilience for your armor, and more.

How to get mods

Mods are a random drop in a variety of ways, but one of the main ways to get some of the best mods is through Bright Engrams. These can be purchased at the Eververse store with Silver, but they are also earned each time your character levels up.

You can also purchase random Mod packs from Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, for 2,500 Glimmer. You will be rewarded with a completely random mod. The Gunsmith can also reward you with mods when you level up with him via handing in Gunsmith materials that you get from breaking down Rare or higher weapons and armor.

Once you hit Power level 280, you can trade in Rare Mods to the Gunsmith for Legendary Mods. Legendary Mods are crucial, as they will add plus-five to the Power level of any piece of armor or weapon.

Some weapons and armor, Legendary or Exotic, will come with a Legendary mod already installed. Make sure you inspect each piece you get to see if it has a mod installed. Exotics will always come with a Legendary Mod, without fail.


Infusing weapons and armor is useful if you have something that you enjoy using. But it’s important to keep in mind if a piece has a Legendary Mod equipped before you use it to infuse something.

Basically, while a Legendary Mod will add plus-five to a piece of gear’s value, the infusion number of the gear stays the same. So if you want to infuse a 200 Scout Rifle into a 255 one, but it has a Legendary Mod equipped, it will only infuse your gun up to 250.

The maximum Power level you can reach at launch is 300, but if you equip every piece of your 300 gear with a Legendary mod, you can raise your Power level to 305.