Destiny 2’s infinite Nova Bomb glitch won’t be fixed until after the holidays


If you’ve been playing Destiny 2’s Crucible at all this week, odds are you’ve seen a lot of Supers flying around.

Part of that is by design as this week saw the start of The Dawning limited time event, which includes reduced cooldowns in the Crucible in the “Mayhem” mode. That means grenades, supers, and class abilities all regenerate much faster.

Something else got lost in translation, however. The Warlock subclass Voidwalker’s Nova Bomb Super ability can be proc’d to be used infinitely, by use of the Chaos Accelerant perk. This ability lets you consume your Super meter to make your grenades more powerful, but when it’s used in Mayhem, your Super will refill faster than the overcharge can drain, giving you infinite supers.

This short clip above from Twitch streamer “Gigz” will show you all you need to know about the glitch.

Once word got out about the exploit, players began to run rampant with it in the Crucible. But with the holidays coming up, Bungie has confirmed that there will be no fix for the issue before 2018 commences.

It seems like the Crucible might be a decent activity to avoid for the next week or so, unless you feel like joining in on the infinite Nova fun. Bungie has since confirmed that players will not be punished for using the exploit, so have at if you’re so inclined.