You can get banned from Destiny 2 on PC for running cheat programs meant for other games


Bungie community manager Cozmo has clarified some information regarding bans in the PC version of Destiny 2.

In response to a few complaints on both the Bungie forums and the DestinyTheGame Reddit, Cozmo confirmed that bans handed out in the PC version of the game have been justified.

“Our recent wave of protective security measures were reviewed extensively and all were identified as having cheat tools running multiple times,” said Cozmo on the Bungie forums.

Players had been claiming that they were banned for no reason, or falsely banned with no explanation given. Bungie came under fire shortly after the game’s launch for banning around 400 accounts, and some of those bans were even reversed as they were made “in error.”

A thread about Cozmo’s forum post popped up on Reddit, and he responded there, too, further clarifying how bans come about in the game.

“You are fine as long as you do not attempt to debug Destiny 2 while it is running, which will result in a ban,” said Cozmo. “If you don’t know what any of that means, don’t worry, you’re fine. Players are also being banned for repeatedly running cheat tools while playing Destiny 2. We do not differentiate between cheat tools for Destiny and cheat tools for other games because it would be easy to make a cheat tool that pretends to be a cheat tool for another game.”

So it appears that the players who have been banned may have been running cheats for other games if not just for Destiny 2, as bans would have resulted from that. The moral of the story here is that running cheat programs while playing a game on PC is not a smart idea.