A datamine of Destiny 2’s PC version suggests a future return to old locations


A spoiler-heavy datamine of Destiny 2’s PC files has potentially revealed future content for the game.

Reddit user “TheEcumene” posted their findings yesterday, including noteworthy mentions from over 26,000 audio files. The thread has many Destiny fans digging through the files to try to figure out what to make of them.

Spoiler alert ahead: If you don’t want to know what could be coming next, don’t keep reading.

Many of the voice lines uncovered has the game’s characters talking about content and locations that appeared in the first game, like the Patrol zones of Old Russia, Venus, Mars, and the Dreadnaught. Phobos and Mercury are also mentioned. These voice lines have players thinking and hoping that the locations from Destiny 1 will return in the sequel.

The Dreadnaught specifically has numerous mentions, including voice lines that seem to confirm that players will be returning to the massive Hive ship at some point. The Dreadnaught was the main Patrol area of the first game’s massive The Taken King DLC.

Some of the lines are complete spoilers, such as mentioning the return of some old characters as well as the appearance of some who have only ever been mentioned in conversations or lore.

If you’re not worried about spoilers and are curious about what may or may not be coming in Destiny 2’s future, then check out the thread and audio files that TheEcumene uploaded.