Check out this documentary about Destiny 2’s PC development


Bungie just released a must-watch documentary detailing Destiny 2’s journey from a former console exclusive to a polished PC title for the sequel.

The video goes inside Bungie’s studio to talk to multiple designers behind the PC project. They all agreed: The game had to change in a big way from the console version, and it’s not as simple as just porting it over.

“What feels amazing on a controller can actually feel intrusive on a mouse,” said senior sandbox designer Grant Mackay.

Destiny 2 feels inherently different on mouse and keyboard than it does on a controller, and it’s not just because of the peripheral being different.

“We had to change the look of the mouse cursor and the way that the mouse cursor moved on the screen and the UI elements interacted,” said PC engineering lead Joe Venzon. “The shooting mechanics had to change a lot in a lot of subtle ways that were kind of surprising.”

Anybody who has played both the console and PC versions of Destiny 2 will be able to testify that the game feels different. And not only that, but it just feels right on the PC with a mouse and keyboard. It’s because of the hard work of the PC project team that the game translates so well to the new platform.

“On console, when a gun fires, it kicks,” said PC project lead David Shaw. “And you may not realize it but you’re constantly fighting that kick with the [analog] stick, pushing to try and keep that barrel down where you want it to aim. Well, on PC that basically translates to picking up your mouse and chasing it, and it frankly felt terrible.”

The video also shows the partnership between the PC team at Bungie in Washington state, and another team of PC developers at Vicarious Visions in New York. Both groups worked together from across the country to come together and make a version of the game that looks, plays, and runs extremely well on the PC.