This graphics and performance guide for Destiny 2 on PC will prepare you for launch


With Destiny 2’s PC launch just a week away, NVIDIA has put out a handy graphics and performance guide to help gamers get the best possible visuals out of the game, no matter if your specs are minimum or above recommended.

The guide is comprehensive, covering every customizable graphics feature that Destiny 2 on PC has, comparing them with each other to show the differences, whether they be slight or vast.

An example of one of the guide’s comparison images

The guide even shows what kind of performance you should expect out of your NVIDIA graphics cards depending on what each individual setting is put at, including what kind of drops or improvements in FPS you can expect.

There are 14 total options that can be customized in Destiny 2’s graphics settings, including resolution, field of view, and VSync options. The game looks to be very well optimized for PC, and with this many options, the game will be able to run on numerous gaming rigs.

To check out the full guide, including minimum and recommended specs, and images with sliders that compare a multitude of settings options, click here. Destiny 2 launches on PC on Oct. 24.