Destiny 2 PC Hotfix Will Fix Hitching Issue, Releasing On November 6

Destiny 2

Bungie via their official Twitter account has just announced that a new Hotfix for Destiny 2 PC version will go live on November 6 which will address the “Hitching” issue that was introduced into the game by previous Hotfix This upcoming Hotfix will update Destiny 2 on PC to version Speaking to fans on Twitter, Bungie wrote: “Tomorrow (11/6) Destiny 2 PC will receive Hotfix to address “hitching” issues introduced in Hotfix″

Destiny 2 PC Hotfix

We expect the hotfix to go live just a few hours ahead of the Weekly Reset i.e. everyone will get the hotfix on Tuesday, early hours US time. So make sure you are in control of things when the hotfix goes live.

In another news, Bungie recently announced that the first DLC content for Destiny 2 titled as “Curse of Osiris” will go live in December 2017. The good news is that it will be available on all platforms simultaneously and apart from adding new content to the game, the DLC will also raise the Level Cap from 20 to 25, and the Power Level will also go up from 300 to 330.

In short, Bungie has got Destiny 2 players covered for this all-important Holiday 2017 season. First, they are making sure that every issue in the game is fixed, and Secondly – the development work on the new content for the game continues and the release deadline is met without any issue.