Destiny 2 PC Players Instantly Banned – How To Request Refund

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 launched on PC just a few hours ago and it hasn’t been a pleasant experience for the many PC players, why? According to the reports coming out from Reddit, Bungie Forums and other popular forums related to Destiny, Bungie have banned a lot of PC players immediately after they start the game. The exact reason for handing out the ban was not revealed by Bungie – it is against their policy which reads: “Please note that Bungie will not discuss or overturn account restrictions or bans.”

Destiny 2 PC Ban - How To Get Refund

PC players report that they got BAN from Destiny 2 because of making use of an overlay and hardware monitoring programs, but an update from Bungie states that – “Third-party applications that aren’t compatible with Destiny 2 may cause the game to not run but will not result in a ban”. A clear indication from Bungie that PC players have received ban for some other reasons.

Whom to trust here – Bungie or PC players? It’s really difficult to say. What I can do is share a list of programs and software that got PC players ban from Destiny 2 (this list of software and programs is made after going through a large number of Destiny 2 BAN complaints). So if you don’t want things to get ugly for you then I would like to recommend that don’t use this software and programs while playing Destiny 2.

  • Game Capture Mode: OBS, XSPLIT
  • Overlays: Fraps, Mumble, Discord
  • Hardware monitoring Software: MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision XOC

Also, there are multiple reports that using GeForce overlay and AMD’s ReLive will not result in a Destiny 2 BAN. The second recommendation from my side is thoroughly SCAN YOUR PC for VIRUS before starting Destiny 2.

How To Get Destiny 2 Refund On PC

Lastly, if you think that you have been BAN from Destiny 2 wrongfully then you can ask Bungie for a refund via Battle.Net website. Go you put up from Destiny 2 REFUND Request via this LINK. Please NOTE – putting up a request for Refund is not a guarantee that you will surely go to get a refund. BattleNet Support will look into your case and decide the end result, so make sure you provide as much information as possible with your REFUND request.