Destiny 2 players on PC are being banned from the game with no explanation


Some Destiny 2 players on the PC platform are reporting that they’ve been banned—and they don’t know why, and there’s been no explanation given.

Initially, the banned parties thought that it might have something to do with banned third party applications. Bungie later confirmed that using things like in-game communication overlays and Game Capture features would just stop the game from launching and not result in a ban.

There have been a number of threads on the Destiny subreddit and Bungie’s forums with players saying they were banned before they could even boot up the game for the first time.

Destiny 2 PC lead David Shaw responded to some tweets, confirming that third party apps would block the game being used, but said that bans resulting from it were “Internet BS.”

It’s not uncommon for banned players to claim innocence, but the frequency of the threads and lack of communication between the developer and the community is concerning.

A support page on Blizzard’s, where Destiny 2 is found exclusively on PC, redirects directly to a Bungie support article. Blizzard’s page says that “all Destiny 2 bans are implemented by Bungie, and cannot be appealed.”

Bungie’s official information page about bans offers little help or recourse for players who feel they’ve been falsely banned, so those who’ve been hit with the banhammer are stuck with an unplayable game that they just purchased until further word comes from Bungie.

Update Oct. 15 1:20pm CT:

Bungie has posted a response to the player reports of bans. The company says that bans are not automatic and that approximately 400 players were banned from the PC version yesterday after a manual investigation.

“Bans were applied to players who were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game,” the blog post said.