Destiny 2 PC Raid Release Date and Details

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 landed on PC last week, but the PC Raid has not yet arrived. The toughest challenge in Destiny will be arriving on PC this week though. On Wednesday, the 1st of November, PC players will get their first shot at the Leviathan Raid. While no release time has been confirmed, it is a safe bet that 10AM PDT will be the magical hour.

The Leviathan Raid represents Destiny 2’s toughest challenge to date. Six Guardians must join together to take on the Emperor Calus and his forces. If you will be waiting on Guided Games in order to complete the Raid, then sadly you will have to wait an extra week. The Guides need time to learn the Raid, after all.

PC Raid Requirements

You will need a Power level of around 260 to start to the Raid, and will also need to have finished the story. If you want to get a little extra in game information, I’d suggest doing the “Invitation From The Emperor” adventure on Nessus. Another thing you can do in preparation for the Raid is the World Eater quest.

Raids in Destiny can be tremendous fun, and I look forward to reading people’s thoughts about this Raid as they explore it for the first time. For those of you looking to go in blind, avoid Twitch and Reddit, as even headlines can give away secrets. For the rest of you, we have a multitude of Guides if you need some help. From our full Raid Guide to a handy map (I won’t even mention what it covers for fear of spoilers), you can find everything you need in our Guide Hub. All the answers you will need if your team gets stuck will be there for you.

So Guardians, gather up your friends, equip your best gear, and get ready to take on the Leviathan!