Bungie is aware of an issue causing performance drops in Destiny 2 on PC


If you’ve been experiencing random drops in performance on the PC version of Destiny 2, you’re not alone.

Bungie has acknowledged that there is an issue with the game where performance will drop after playing the game on PC for an extended period of time. Right now, the current work-around is to restart the game.

Numerous threads on the Bungie forums popped up over the past few days after the game launched on PC on Tuesday, with many people reporting the same kind of issues. The game performs fine to begin with, but after a long period of playing it, performance would suddenly decline.

The drop in performance is noticeable due to just how well the game runs otherwise. It’s a truly great version of the Destiny 2 experienced, and one that is highly optimized graphically, so any slight drops are far more apparent.

Bungie did not offer a timetable for a fix for the issue, but the fact that they already know it’s a problem means that a solution shouldn’t be too far down the pipeline.