Destiny 2 Prestige Mode Leviathan Raid Guide: Additional Challenges to Know


Destiny 2’s most difficult PvE experience yet is the Prestige mode of the Leviathan Raid. Some of the encounters are largely similar, but a few complications have been added to the mix to make things more difficult.

In general, enemies are higher Power level, which means they will take more damage and deal more damage too. Keep that in mind, and equip your highest Power gear to be as high as you can, with 305 the current maximum at Prestige mode’s launch.

Let’s take a look at what’s different in Prestige mode, and check out our regular Leviathan Raid guide for general other tips.

The Gauntlet

During this phase, there are a few major differences. You have to kill adds like normal, but once players are inside the treadmill area, two Psions will spawn as they collect an orb instead of one. You will have to melee the first Psion like usual, but a projection of that Psion will appear as well that you need to shoot. If you miss either one, your team will wipe.

Once a runner finishes their turn inside, they cannot run the Gauntlet again. This means that every member of your team will need to run the Gauntlet at least once. During the final running phase when all six members of your team are inside, only three orbs will spawn instead of four like in the normal version of the Raid.

Pleasure Gardens

The only major difference here is that eight beasts will need to be killed instead of six. This will undoubtedly change up your normal pace of movement, and you might need to take your time and do damage over multiple phases in order to kill all eight of them. One beast spawns on the left near the second flower, and another beast spawns on the right in the cave area.

Royal Baths

This fight is way harder than normal mode. First, the enemies take and deal much more damage, and the new “Oiled Ceremonial Bathers” are bullet sponges. When they die, they drop an area-of-effect damage that will take away five of your Psionic Projection countdown per second instead of one like normal.

Once the phase is finished and players move to the middle to damage the purple lanterns, a ton more adds will spawn, including constant Bathers who must be focused down. Try having at least one member of your team using a Super at all times to focus on adds while the rest of the team stands in the middle and shoots the lanterns.

If you do not one-phase the lanterns, a few members of your team will get a debuff called “Burden of Worthiness.” The players with the burden will see a projection symbol appear above the center platform, and they will need to move to the corresponding platform to pick up an orb and remove their buff, or they will die.

Emperor Calus

Adds will spawn like normal, and players are teleported into the darkness realm like normal. But the big change here is that when a player in the throne room melees their corresponding Psion, they will be teleported back into the darkness realm with a random player from that area switching spots with them and taking their place in the throne room.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Basically, all six players will need to know how to perform both rooms well, or it will become problematic.