Iron Banner and a harder version of the Leviathan Raid are coming to Destiny 2 this Tuesday


Bungie has announced that Destiny 2’s first Iron Banner event, as well as the Prestige mode of the Leviathan Raid, are both coming to the game this Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Iron Banner is a Crucible event that will be played on the game mode of Control. Lord Saladin, well known from his role in Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, is back to offer new gear for your characters.

The Iron Banner quest begins by visiting Saladin in the Tower, and you earn tokens by competing in the Iron Banner PvP playlist. Tokens can then be turned in to Saladin for the new armor sets, but Bungie made no mention of Iron Banner-exclusive weaponry.

An interesting thing to note about Destiny 2’s version of Iron Banner is that, much like the new version of Trials, your Power level advantages are not enabled. This means that Power level does not matter and anyone can compete without being at a disadvantage.

If PvP isn’t your thing, Tuesday also marks the arrival of the Prestige difficulty for the Leviathan Raid. This ups the Power level of the Raid to 300, and “mechanical changes to the encounters are minimal.” Bungie did not mention a Power level increase, but new rewards “to “help you shine” will be available.

Iron Banner begins on Oct. 10 at 2:00 AM PT, while the Prestige mode for the Raid goes live eight hours later at 10:00 AM PT.