One of Destiny 2’s new Exotic weapons is ridiculously overpowered due to a bug


A new Exotic weapon in Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion is extremely powerful thanks to a bug.

Check out this clip below of the new trace rifle, Prometheus Lens, in action and watch how fast Twitch streamer “iBLINKtv” dies to it. It’s basically impossible to react in a gun fight with the weapon.

After just one day of Curse of Osiris in the wild, videos popped up on YouTube and complaints filled the game’s Subreddit as players in the Crucible quickly realized how strong the weapon was.

Thankfully, Bungie was swift to respond today, as community manager David “DeeJ” Dague confirmed that the weapon is bugged. More information should come this Thursday in Bungie’s weekly blog.

The prowess of the weapon is still deeply concerning, though, especially considering that Trials of the Nine is still on schedule to begin this Friday.

It’s possible that Trials could be canceled or postponed, as Bungie has already done when a previous bug made it possible for players to glitch through walls and into unintended areas of the map.