Destiny 2 Three of Coins Buff – What Exactly Is Wrong With It

Destiny 2

The Three of Coins buff for Destiny 2 was released recently on all platforms, which was supposed to act as a boost for rare drops. Quite simple right? This was released with the intention of pleasing the Destiny 2 Community, instead, it displeased the players even more than before.

Destiny 2: Three of Coins Buff

This buff created a lot of confusion in the Destiny community. According to the game, when the buff is activated it shows “Increased chance to receive Exotic engrams from sources in the world. The effect lasts for 4 hours.” So, at first glance, anyone would assume that they will receive at least one exotic drop when it’s activated. However, according to player reports, even after playing for hours they did not receive any exotic Engram. And thought that it was simply broken.

But, the fact that most players did not know was, how the exotic drop rates were affected after the buff is enabled. Bungie after listening to the community’s confusion came forward and posted an explanation, regarding the Three of Coins.

Their explanation, in a nutshell, if you get a 50% drop chances boost over the base chance i.e. if you chance is 1% it will become 1.5%.

And if this what the buff is all about, then it won’t make much difference and the chances of an exotic engram are still low. Bungie admits that the buff did not work as they expected it would like for example using a Three of Coins and completing a Heroic Strike doesn’t increase the chances of earning an Exotic as compared to using the item in a normal Strike. They have assured that it will be fixed in future updates.