Trials of the Nine is back in Destiny 2, and live on PC for the first time


Destiny 2’s endgame PvP activity Trials of the Nine is back this weekend after a two-week hiatus due to a potentially game-breaking glitch.

The glitch allowed players to pass through walls by using an emote, but has since been fixed by Bungie. The past two weekends of Trials had been postponed due to the exploit, so this also marks the first time that Trials will be playable on the PC version.

Trials of the Nine is a hardcore PvP experience in Destiny where teams of four face off in one of two game modes. In Countdown, one team defends two sites while the other tries to plant a bomb and destroy one of the objectives at the sites. In Survival, players have limited respawns and must win multiple rounds.

Participating in Trials unlocks a special new area called The Third Spire where an Emissary of the Nine awaits to reward you for success. Players are rewarded with high level gear and unique weapons and armor at one, three, five, and seven wins on a ticket. If players complete a ticket at seven wins and zero losses, though, they are rewarded the best gear available. Each ticket allows for three losses.

Some of the game’s best weapons are available only through Trials, like the energy auto rifle named Prosecutor. Players also earn tokens for playing the mode and can turn them in to the Emissary to earn package rewards like with every other vendor in the game.

This week, the map in Trials is Javelin-4, and the game mode is Survival. This will be one of the last chances for players to rank up and reach 305 Power before the Prestige mode of the Leviathan Raid launches next week.