A new Destiny 2 glitch will give you infinite ammo for The Wardcliff Coil


A new exploit has been discovered in Destiny 2, and this one can give you infinite ammo for one of the game’s best power weapons.

YouTuber and livestreamer “Tfue” posted a video about this discovery, and he even showed off how to make it happen. When it’s finished, he ends up with 100 rounds in the chamber of The Wardcliff Coil.

On PC, players must switch their crouch to “hold to crouch,” and place down a Titan’s Rally Barricade. Standing next to the wall, you then must shoot the weapon and spam the crouch button all at the same time.

Spamming the buttons together will reload all of the missiles in the weapon automatically thanks to the Rally Barricade, and before long, you’ll have an obscene amount of missiles. Just listen to that beautiful baby sing.

Thankfully, pulling off something like this would be difficult and near impossible to do in PvP due to the way the power weapon economy works, but in PvE, it looks like a good bit of fun. As with any exploit, though, be careful how you use it, as the weapon is clearly not intended to work this way.