Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide Nov. 17 – 20 | Hard Light Auto-Rifle


The weekend is here, so every Destiny 2 player knows that it’s time once again for a visit from Xur and his collection of Exotics for sale.

Where is Xur?

Screengrab via Destiny 2

This week, Xur is on Titan, hiding out in a small room in The Rig section of the area. Just spawn into the region and go down to your left and you’ll find him nestled into the corner of a dark room.

Xur’s weapon this week is Hard Light, a returning Exotic from Destiny 1, albeit with some cool differences. It still has its unique perk that allows bullets to bounce off of walls, but what makes it truly special is the ability to change to any of the three elemental burns at any time. This makes Hard Light one of the more versatile and useful Exotics in the game, especially during Nightfall Strikes that have the Prism modifier. It’s being sold for 29 Legendary shards.

Screengrab via Destiny 2

This week’s Hunter armor is Lucky Raspberry, another returning item from Destiny 1. This chest piece pairs well with the Arcstrider subclass, and specializes in enhancing your Arcbolt grenade. Lucky Raspberry increases Arcbolt’s chaining capabilities and has the chance to immediately recharge your grenade each time it deals damage. It costs 23 Legendary shards.

Titans get the Exotic gauntlets known as Synthoceps this week. These funky-looking gloves enhance your melee range and also give your melee damage a boost when surrounded by enemies. It’s being sold for 23 Legendary shards.

Lastly, Warlocks get to buy Karnstein Armlets. These handy gauntlets give your melee attacks the ability to grant health recovery and energy for your melee, grenade, and Rift abilities. It’s on sale for 23 Legendary shards.

Hard Light is definitely worth a pick-up, and the gauntlets for each class can be fun if you play around them. So make sure to visit Xur on Titan this week and further inspect his wares.