Destiny 2 – Xur Location 8th to 11th Dec 2017

Destiny: The Taken King Chaperone Shotgun

It’s the first Xurday of Season 2! Let’s see what the tentacle faced git has in his inventory today. It could be all kinds of fun new gubbins!

This week he can be found near the the Winding Cove in the EDZ. You can find him by checking the planets in your Director. A green symbol will show you where he is. Just load into the nearest fast travel point and bring up your Ghost. The same green symbol will again show you his location.

At the moment, he just sells four exotic items; one weapon and an armor piece for each class. The exotic engrams, sparrow enhancements and other items all seem to be a thing of the past. He should have new goodies next week, though.

Xur also accepts Legendary Shards as payment now, appearing to have moved on from his desire for Strange Coins. Legendary shards can be obtained by breaking down legendary weapons. You may also get them from various vendors in the game if you are lucky.

This week Xur is selling the following:

Prometheus Lens – Exotic Trace Rifle (29 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 8th to 11th Dec 2017
Prometheus LensTL;DRGames • Fair Use

The Dragon’s Shadow – Hunter Chest Armor (23 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 8th to 11th Dec 2017
The Dragon’s ShadowTL;DRGames

MK. 44 Stand Asides – Titan Boots (23 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 8th to 11th Dec 2017
MK. 44 Stand AsidesTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Nezarec’s Sin – Warlock Helmet (23 Shards)

Destiny 2 - Xur Location 8th to 11th Dec 2017
Nezarec’s SinTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Buy the Prometheus Lens. At the moment the thing is so terrifyingly OP in PvP that if you don’t have it, you lose every gunfight. It simply melts shields and flesh alike, reducing enemy Guardians into tiny piles of salt. So buy it, and enjoy it while it lasts. Completionists have two new items to buy. I have yet to use them in game so I simply cannot comment on their usefulness at this time. The Hunter armor certainly seems like it would benefit those speedy little devils, however. For Warlocks, it’s the third week in a row of masks, so I think Xur is trying to tell your that you need to hide that face. It is worth picking up if you run Void, though. Unless you are melee orientated, in which case there are better options.

I’d strongly suggest people watch Trials this weekend. With Prometheus Lens on sale from Xur it is gonna be quite the sight. Watch, but maybe don’t play.

That is it for Xur’s Exotic Emporium this week. What has caught your eye?