Destiny on PS4 runs at 1080p 60 FPS? “No word here, but it ran great, a looker on PS4” says Bungie

Destiny New Snap 1

Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi new IP, Destiny is one of the most awaited and highly anticipated title of 2014. Today via official Playstation Blog, SCEA’s Senior Social Media Manager Sid Human some interesting new details regarding how the game looks on PS4, its appearance at Sony’s E3 2014 press conference and many other factors.

DestinySid Human was asked about Destiny’s resolution, frame-rate per second figure and its overall performance on PS4, and to this he replied that there’s nothing to share at this time on these parameters but added that the game definitely looks quite good on the system.

“No word here yet, but it looked (and ran) great,” and “Definitely a looker”

When asked whether Destiny will be showcased at E3 2014? Bungie’s Community Manager replied: “You’ll see us at E3,” and

“That happens in Los Angeles rarely stays in Los Angeles.”

Earlier this week, Bungie opened the flood-gate on new Destiny details, and we did a massive coverage on it: New Destiny Info: PS4 lead platform, Accusation of Favoring Playstation Over Xbox, new screens, playable at E3 2014, why no PC version yet, PS4 controller layout and many more.