The first Destiny’s PS4-exclusive items are finally available on Xbox

Destiny 2

Xbox players can finally experience PlayStation-exclusive Destiny content over two years since they were originally released.

The partnership between Activision/Bungie and Sony has been well-documented, with the PlayStation 4 receiving numerous exclusive items in Destiny, and now Destiny 2, over the past few years.

Now, the exclusive items from The Taken King and Rise of Iron expansions are ready for Xbox players to try out for themselves.

Some of the former Taken King exclusives include the Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle, Zen Meteor exotic sniper rifle, a Crucible map called Sector 618, a Strike called Echo Chamber, and Sublime Engrams containing a gear set for each of the game’s three classes. They were originally released on PlayStation consoles in 2015.

From Rise of Iron, Xbox players can now play the Icarus Crucible map, plus the Iron Camelot armor sets from Dusty Iron Engrams, and a new quest called “Show of Strength” from Tyra Karn.

The same sort of exclusivity is in line for the PS4 version of Destiny 2, with certain content not coming to Xbox One or PC until “at least Fall 2018,” meaning the window could be quietly extended—as was done for The Taken King’s exclusives.

Destiny 2’s PS4 version features exclusives like the Lake of Shadows Strike, Borealis exotic sniper rifle, City Apex ship, and an armor set for all three classes.