Destiny Public Alpha On PS4 Will Start On June 3

Destiny New Snap 2

There’s something pretty interesting cooking behind the closed doors at Sony and Bungie related to upcoming sci-fi brand new IP, Destiny. Reddit user SPUTZNiKZ has discovered some interesting details regarding Destiny Public Alpha.

The image (far below) was shared by SPUTZNiKZ and as per the details in it, Destiny Public Alpha will begin on June 3 on Playstation 4. This image came into limelight following an announcement from Bungie in their latest weekly update. Here is what it reads:


“It’s going to be your turn soon. Perhaps even sooner than some of you might think. We’re starting to feel like we’re finally ready for you”

We have contacted our sources at Bungie and Destiny for some more updates or atleast an official confirmation. So stay tuned, we will update this post as soon as more info is available. Sony is expected to make an official announcement on this at E3 2014.

Destiny Public Alpha