Destiny: Rise Of Iron Releasing Only On PS4/XB1 Will Make The Game Better: Bungie

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Rise of Iron is going to be the first current-gen only additional content for Destiny. In a recent interview with Kotaku, creative lead Christopher Barrett has explained the reasons that led to such decision, for the first time ever, after Destiny’s PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were supported so good, so far.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

“In order to add more stuff, we would have to remove stuff from the game to still support legacy content,” Barrett said. “So it’s really about the amount of stuff in the game. We’re always looking to add new features and new graphical improvements.”

“Anything that’s additive at this point, something has to go. Big stuff. So [leaving 360 and PS3 behind] allows us to make the bucket bigger. And there are new bells and whistles and fun features we can do… To be clear we’re not turning any of that old stuff off–you can still play Destiny if you’re sitting on your 360 and you’ve just picked up The Taken King.”

So this is really a matter of having Destiny making a step forward in the quality of its additional content. Maybe there won’t be such a leap between the main game/its expansions and the Rise of Iron DLC, but it looks like this is the best way for Bungie to kick off Year 3.

Earlier this month, a stat coming from Bungie detailed that 95% of Destiny users is playing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so it really looks like the game was being ballasted by a very, very small percentage of old gen consoles still around.